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Currently available reenactor firearms.

All firearms are sold and transferred under state law. Transferred via Monaro Collectors Group.

LFD 410063653.


English Civil War dog lock horse pistol

Indian repro, 16 inch barrel 65 cal.  Good repro of ECW cavalry pistol. $400.00

A pair are available $700 the two.                    


Price: $400.00

British Elliot Light Dragoon pistol

With a belt hook added becomes a sea service pistol.Indian repro 9 inch barrel 62 cal.Requires touch hole drilled and frizzen hardened.                 


Price: $550.00

French Cavalry pistol model 1763

Indian repro.9 inch barrel 65 cal.  Libreville model.  Requires touch hole drilled and frizzen hardened.                


Price: $550.00

Italian 1889 Bodeo Revolver

Original North Africa bring back item.  Enlisted mans model with drop down trigger.  10mm obsolete calibre. Complete with original holster.               


Price: $750.00

Colt Dragoon 0.44 cal.

Horse pistol. Six shot revolver. Used repro. Comes with bullet mould.               


Price: $400.00

Browning Model 10

Original 0.32 cal. semi-auto. Comes with NSW Police hoster and spare magazine.             


Price: $600.00